Multimedia Journalist


xx-portrait-ZeballosRoig-master1050Welcome to my site! My name is Joseph Zeballos-Roig and I am a multimedia journalist with experience in print, broadcast and digital journalism. I am interning as a producer at The Takeaway at WNYC. Recently, I interned with the CBS News program 60 Minutes, where I earned a story credit on a piece about who should be held responsible for the opioid crisis. I’ve also been a deputy editor of the New York Transatlantic, an NYU graduate student-run publication covering European-related events in New York. I have profound interests in American politics, international affairs and history.

I am a graduate of Florida State University, where I focused on international affairs and communications. I am a proud alum of The New York Times Student Journalism Institute and I have reported on local news, culture and state politics for Tallahassee Magazine and WFSU News. I also served as a senior staff writer for the FSView & Florida Flambeau, FSU’s student newspaper, and as a contributor for USA Today College.

In September 2017, I embarked on a new journey as an M.A. candidate in New York University’s Global and Joint Studies Program at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. I’m studying journalism and Europe, a part of the world I developed a special connection with through my travels. I expect to graduate in May 2019.

Three years ago, I studied in London with FSU. Over the span of four months, I traveled across the Continent and absorbed some of its history and culture in cities as varied as Vienna, Florence, Sarajevo, Paris and Istanbul. The experience further developed my global perspective and it cemented my desire to unravel the events that shape distant lands – especially now as politicians, policymakers and the public wrangle over America’s role in a complex, interconnected world.

At NYU, I seek to explore the political and cultural forces that have shaped modern Europe and gain the skills necessary to one day return to its shores, ready to report.

Check out my work and please feel free to reach out over email ( or social media.